Dan Sharpe Director, Community Leadership & Nonprofit Effectiveness, The Columbus Foundation

Dan supports the Community Research and Grants Management team, specifically focusing on community leadership and nonprofit effectiveness. His responsibilities include reviewing Foundation grants and supporting the nonprofit community through capacity building, innovation, and leadership. Dan also manages the Nonprofit Forum and Summer Fellowship program.

Prior to this role, Dan has contributed to the Foundation in multiple capacities—most recently as an officer for Community Research and Grants Management. Additionally, he has served as online media manager for Communications and Marketing, and project manager of easyColumbus, the regional college student engagement and retention effort, where he managed the program’s research, construction, and implementation.

Dan has been with the Foundation since 2004, and is a 2006 graduate of Ohio Wesleyan University with a Bachelor of Arts in politics and government and a Masters of Public Administration from the Voinovich School of Leadership & Public Affairs at Ohio University, Athens.

To reach Dan, email dsharpe@columbusfoundation.org.